Artist's Biography

I began my FX makeup career in high school after I heard out about the Halloween costume contest they were holding. I wanted to have the best costume out of everyone else, and wondered if I could make myself look like one of the monsters I would see in the movies.

I went to a year-around Halloween store and purchased my first foam latex mask of a vampire, along with some spirit gum. After reading the directions, and applying the mask to my face, I was sad to see how it looked NOTHING like what I was expecting. I felt that the skin coloring did not match me and I could see the lines between my face and the mask. However, while I thought it looked horrible, I scared everyone else at school and they believed I would definitely win (I lost to someone dressed as an egg). From that day, I had a taste of creativity I never knew before, and I kept looking more into the field.

Three years later, my high school hired me to be the special effects makeup artist for an event there were holding called Every 15 Minutes — where I had to make some of my fellow classmates look like the victims of drunk drivers. Since 2005, I have worked various independent films, photo shoots and live performances.

For me, my career is based on two goals: First, to create things that make you wonder whether or not it is real. Second, to bring out the faces from within yourself that you always try to hide from society. To make images that you feel compelled to look at, no matter how much you feel you should turn away.


As of 2014, I have written and published my first book. It is called the Alpha Wolf Series: Demon's Prize. It is a story about the paranormal, demonic oaths, traumatic memories and more. Many people had read it and fallen in love with it. If you want to check it out, you can see more about it in the link below.

Alpha Wolf Series Website:

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