Character, Beauty and Creature
Special FX Makeup

My name is Jennifer M., born and raised in Southern California. I taught myself in Special Effects and Beauty Makeup by looking at pictures and reading the directions off the bottles I bought, and advanced in skill. Eventually, I moved to tutorials and working in a Special Effects Lab in Hollywood.

My art abilities range between sculpting, drawing and even photography, but none of them suit me as much as special effects and character design.

For me, my career is based on two goals: First, to create things that make you wonder whether or not it is real. Second, to bring out the faces from within yourself that you always try to hide from society. To make images that you feel compelled to look at, no matter how much you feel you should turn away.


As of 2014, Jennifer has written and published her first book. It is called the Alpha Wolf Series: Demon's Prize. It is a story about the paranormal, demonic oaths, traumatic memories and more. Many people had read it and fallen in love with it. If you want to check it out, you can see more about it in the link below.

Alpha Wolf Series Website:

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